Advanced Research Consulting Corporation is dedicated to solving problems.

– Is your team near or over budget, but you still have things which need to be done?

Every company wants to make things that just don’t fit into the budget using the resources available. In many cases, the size and complexity which makes a large organization powerful is the same structure which can bog down quick-turn experimental projects. This is where we can provide a “skunk works” type solution.

– Do you have a great idea for a product, machine, or technology, but believe it will cost too much to have that dream turn into reality?

Moving from an idea to reality can be scary, difficult and confusing. Worse still, it’s easy to become trapped by a false perception of success when beginning development of a new idea. We can help by providing simple, clear, quantifiable test solutions, which give you a clear path towards reaching your goal.

– Are you trying to get a device to work in your high-cost software package, only to realize no drivers or support are available?

We can provide creative ways to get things to work, even when everyone else tells you it’s not possible.